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Our Outsourced Revenue Management service provides clients with a complete revenue management package that enables organisations to optimise the profitability and robustness of their business, in a cost-effective manner.

Our personalised service will grant your business access to an experienced and dedicated revenue manager that will form a direct point of contact for your business’ revenue management needs. This access will enable your property to rapidly adapt to the ever-changing hospitality market, ensuring that you are consistently ahead of your competitors.

The personal revenue management service that we provide consists of a full revenue audit, daily hands-on management, a comprehensive approach to communication and a regular measure of financial performance.

What Can I Expect?

The On-Boarding Process

During this initial phase you will be introduced to our revenue management team and your dedicated revenue manager. After familiarising themselves with your property and business they will gain access to your systems, discuss future financial performance expectations and establish KPI’s for your business.

The Audit Process

Our Personal Outsourced Revenue Management Service begins with a full revenue audit of your business. This audit occurs upon joining Revenue by HRM and is repeated annually.

The audit process provides your revenue manager the opportunity to thoroughly analyse various aspects of your business from the ground-up. In doing so, they are able to boost revenue by troubleshooting problems in existing systems that would have likely gone un-noticed without their expertise.

The auditing process is offered at no additional cost.

Key areas of the audit process include:

The setup of the PMS is thoroughly analysed to ensure that it is optimally configured. A detailed product analysis, conducted via the audit, is combined with an in-depth market analysis to create and implement an effective pricing and price distribution strategy.

A suitable market segmentation structure for the business is created and implemented. Existing routes to market are optimised. Lead times and profitability of specific market segments are also calculated and help to inform future business strategy.

A thorough audit of the Channel Manager is conducted to confirm that channels, such as third party booking systems, are correctly mapped and connected to the property. This ensures that any changes to rates or availability are communicated effectively, and that reservations are received into the PMS correctly, improving efficiency and reducing administration.

OTA (Online Travel Agent) channels are also audited to ensure that property information (pictures, facilities, amenities) are displayed correctly and adequately. Channel algorithms are optimised to ensure the best possible rank and exposure for the property.


Our Personal Revenue Management service involves a highly personalised and comprehensive approach to communicating with our clients.

Clients receive daily communication from their revenue manager via email, in the form of a Daily Revenue Report, alerting them to any adjustments or optimisations that have been made.

Online Webinars, scheduled weekly, provide clients with regular opportunities to discuss the business with their revenue manager. Within this meeting clients are briefed on their expected 3 Month Forecast, STR Submarket benchmark data report, and Market Segmentation Analysis.

A unique and rewarding aspect of our service affords clients the opportunity to meet with their revenue manager in a quarterly meeting, face-face and on-site. Here clients are presented with their previous three month overview, a prospective three month overview as well as an overall strategy review.

Telephone and Email support is also offered to clients within regular office hours.

Results & Performance

At Revenue by HRM we place the utmost importance on delivering results to our clients. Consequently, we establish performance measures and expectations with our clients to measure our performance and ensure that we are delivering on our promise that “100% of the clients we work with, see an improvement”.


Historic data is analysed and compared to current and forecasted data helping to determine the success of our optimisations and interventions. Additionally, business revenue is benchmarked against the annual budget as a measure of performance.


Where available, we use historic pace or ‘same point in time’ information to evaluate the progress of our existing revenue management strategy, enabling us to stay one step ahead at all times.


STR is an invaluable industry tool that provides us with accurate and up to date data on occupancy and rates for the relevant market. We use this tool to compare our data with that of the market average, highlighting to us any potential opportunities to further grow the business.

We pride ourselves upon our ability and desire to consistently exceed previous performance.

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Service Package

A breakdown of our full service package that makes up our Outsourced Revenue Management Service.

Meetings & Communication

  • Revenue reports are provided on a daily, weekly and monthly basis
  • Strategic Revenue Webinars are held on a weekly basis
  • On-site & face-to-face meetings are scheduled quarterly
  • Telephone support is available during office hours

Budgeting & Forecasting

  • A 3 month accommodation forecast is provided on a weekly basis
  • Completion of rooms revenue budget is provided on an annual basis

Pricing & Yield Management

  • Daily public BAR pricing
  • Daily Inventory controls (including room type yielding)
  • Event Rate Optimisation
  • High Demand Periods Optimisation
  • Implement & Review Rate Packages and Promotions

Market Segmentation

  • Creation and implementation of property specific market segmentation
  • Market Segmentation optimisation per season
  • Monthly market Segmentation tracking and analysis

Tools & Systems

  • Annual Revenue Audit
  • Tactical/Events Strategy Calendar
  • Review of Existing Systems (PMS, Channel Manager, RMS)
  • Use of existing Revenue Management system (if available)

Online Distribution

  • OTA optimisation and selection of right partners (including bi-annual strategic webinar)

Optional Additional Features:

(These features will be advised upon as to whether they are applicable to your business).

Online Distribution

  • GDS optimisation (including annual strategic Webinar)
  • Selection of wholesale partners

Corporate & Group Revenue Management

  • Group quotation guidelines
  • Recommended quotations on group requests
  • Corporate quotation guidelines
  • Recommended quotations on corporate contracts (including RFP’s)