Yorkshire Dales B&B - A Case Study

Yorkshire Dales B&B

A Case Study

In February 2024, new owners acquired a charming bed and breakfast in the Yorkshire Dales. The property, featuring 12 bedrooms, a pub, and a restaurant, was in need of significant updates. By March 2024, they partnered with Revenue by HRM to rejuvenate the business and address critical revenue and occupancy issues.


  • Outdated rooms and fixed tariff of £99 per night regardless of season.
  • Low occupancy during the low season.
  • Limited online presence and inability to take online bookings.
  • Manual reservations managed with a paper diary.
  • Immediate need for cash flow to fund further property upgrades

Approach - Short Term Strategy

  • Room Refresh and Rebranding: Updated rooms with clean white bed linens, a neutral colour scheme, and fresh paint to create a more appealing and modern look.
  • Online Presence Optimisation: Enhanced online distribution channels with new images and updated facility information.
  • Rate Repositioning: Introduced a competitive set and repositioned the hotel’s rates, yielding prices during weekends and peak months.
  • Room Recategorisation: Created superior room types for larger rooms and those with scenic views, allowing for higher rates.

Results - Short Term - within 3 months

  • May 2024: Achieved a 48% increase in net accommodation revenue year-on-year.
  • June 2024: On track to achieve a 70% increase in net accommodation revenue year-on-year.

Approach - Long Term Strategy

  • Rate Strategy Maintenance: Continuously adjusted room rates to remain competitive and maximize revenue.
  • Seasonal and Tactical Promotions: Recommended and implemented promotions to boost occupancy and ADR during off-peak times.
  • Reservation System Implementation: Introduced a digital reservations system to streamline booking processes and improve efficiency.
  • Weekly Reports and Pricing Adjustments: Provided weekly pickup reports and yield pricing to respond to market conditions.

Client Feedback

The owners were extremely pleased with the rapid progress and substantial revenue growth achieved in a short period. Our strategic interventions not only improved cash flow but also laid a strong foundation for ongoing success and further property upgrades.


Revenue by HRM’s comprehensive approach, from immediate interventions to long-term strategies, successfully transformed the Yorkshire Dales B&B’s revenue outlook. By addressing both aesthetic and operational challenges, we ensured sustained growth and a brighter future for the property.