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Our diverse portfolio of past and present clients showcases the breadth and depth of our experience. Specialising in leisure properties that go beyond accommodation, our clients typically feature a unique blend of offerings, including Food & Beverage, Golf, Spa, and more. From boutique hotels with exceptional dining experiences to resorts offering world-class golf and spa facilities, our portfolio reflects the vibrant tapestry of the leisure industry. We take pride in collaborating with establishments that prioritise guest experiences, providing not just a stay but a comprehensive and unforgettable destination. At Revenue by HRM, our commitment is to amplify the distinctiveness of each property in our portfolio, contributing to their success and further enriching the landscape of hospitality.

Experience the allure of Islay at The Machrie Hotel & Golf Links, where rugged coastal beauty meets world-class golf. Set against the backdrop of the Atlantic Ocean, this hotel offers a perfect blend of luxury accommodation and an award-winning links course, providing an unforgettable retreat for both golf enthusiasts and those seeking the tranquillity of this unique Scottish island.

The Machrie Hotel and Golf Links

Nestled in the breath-taking Scottish Highlands, Dunalastair Hotel Suites offers a unique blend of modern luxury and historic charm. The boutique suites provide a cosy retreat with stunning views, ensuring a memorable stay amid the natural beauty of Kinloch Rannoch. Guests indulge their senses at Monadh, the hotels  signature restaurant, where culinary excellence meets the warmth of Highland hospitality.

Dunalastair Hotel Suites

Nestled in the heart of historic Bath, the Royal Hotel seamlessly blends timeless elegance with modern comfort. This iconic establishment, boasting a rich heritage, offers discerning guests a peaceful retreat. Experience traditional hospitality, classically styled accommodations, and personalised service that captures the essence of Bath’s regal charm.

The Royal Hotel

Discover the perfect fusion of tranquillity and championship golf at Dale Hill Hotel & Golf Course. Nestled in the picturesque East Sussex countryside, this resort offers a scenic escape paired with two 18-hole courses that both challenge and delight golf enthusiasts. Unwind in our welcoming accommodations and experience the best of leisure and sport in this idyllic setting.

Dale Hill Hotel and Golf Club

Escape to the serene landscapes of Hampshire and embrace a perfect blend of relaxation and golfing excellence on our pristine 27-hole golf course. This welcoming hotel complements the picturesque surroundings, providing a delightful retreat for both golf enthusiasts and those seeking a peaceful getaway in the heart of southern England.

Sandford Springs Hotel and Golf Club

Immerse yourself in leisure and luxury at Kingfisher Country Club. Tucked away in a scenic haven, this club offers an exquisite escape with top-notch amenities. Whether indulging in golf, dining, or relaxation, Kingfisher ensures a refined retreat, providing a perfect blend of sophistication and leisure in a tranquil setting.

Kingfisher Country Club