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Revenue Management Solutions Cambridge

With the Revenue Management Package from HRM, Cambridge hoteliers have a simple cost-effective and proven way to get their financial house in order and position themselves for future success.

About HRM

HRM is a small, dedicated group of revenue managers with copious experience who are driven by a commitment to helping hoteliers optimise their earning potential. The team behind Revenue by HRM believe in taking a hands-on approach and are specialists at finding ways to tap the revenue potential lying dormant in so many branded properties.

Our Revenue Management Solutions for Cambridge hotels eliminates uncertainty and negates the need to take on an expensive in-house revenue manager. It is the common-sense way to ensure the long-term viability of your property.

Leverage Our Vast Experience

Few markets were impacted as harshly by recent lockdowns as Cambridge. If local hotels are to stage a comeback they will need to operate at peak efficiency, employ outside the box thinking and have a crack team of revenue managers on their side providing expert guidance.

The team at HRM have many years of combined experience helping hoteliers navigate dark times and emerge into the light. We know the Cambridge market inside and out, understand its unique characteristics and can provide innovative ways to leverage its distinct values and qualities.

Our Revenue Management Solutions for Cambridge Hoteliers

At HRM we offer our Cambridge clients the following Revenue Management Solutions:

  • Outsourced Revenue Management
  • Revenue Optimisation Software
  • Revenue Management Training

Why HRM Are The Go-To Choice for So Many


Any one of our revenue management professionals would be in-demand on the open market. Taken together they form one of the most experienced and formidable teams in the industry.


We make it our mission to stay on top of things, whether that means new technologies, new software programmes, emerging trends, or developments on the macroeconomic front.


Our extensive work helping branded properties realise their potential has enabled us to build an impressive network of industry connections.

Bedside manner

We invest the time and energy necessary to get to know each client so that we can craft an approach to revenue management that plays to their strengths and enables their long term goals.

Get in Touch With Revenue by HRM

If your goal is to enhance your revenue stream, expand your product base, reduce your operating costs and gain a competitive advantage the team at Revenue by HRM can help.