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Golf Course Hotel Revenue Management

Every aspect of the hospitality business comes with its own unique set of challenges and hotels located within golf resorts or near a golf club are no exception. Revenue by HRM provides a proven way to enhance golf course hotel revenue management without having to create an expensive in-house position.

The Challenge Facing Golf Course-Related Hotels

Historical cities such as York attract a diverse range of visitors including families, individuals interested in history and Londoners looking for a place to spend a relaxing weekend. Golf courses and golf resorts, on the other hand, tend to attract middle to high-income individuals and groups who share a common love of the game.

Attempting to increase revenue while marketing to such a well-defined segment of the population often leaves golf course hotel operators scratching their heads and losing sleep. Fortunately, the team at Revenue by HRM can help.

Why You Should Outsource Revenue Management

Revenue by HRM assign you a dedicated Revenue Manager who will work closely with you to determine your property’s strengths and to identify untapped revenue sources. Using historical data and cutting-edge technology they will devise a strategy that enables you to reduce costs while increasing revenue.

One of the most important and obvious ways your hotel will save money is by not having to take on a full-time in-house revenue manager. When you enlist the services of Revenue by HRM there is no need to pay for corporate health coverage, weeks of paid holiday, pension-related expenses and more.

In the short run, your operation will become more efficient and responsive. In the long run, you will establish a competitive advantage that enables you to increase profits and weather the sudden and unexpected downturns that are all too familiar to those in the hospitality industry.

Why So Many Choose to Work with Revenue by HRM

Vast Experience

Managing a hotel on or near a golf resort or club is nothing like managing a hotel in a busy city. You need a revenue manager on your side who understands the difference. Our vast experience with all types of branded properties makes us the logical choice for golf course hotel revenue management.

Relevant Knowledge

While fundamental hotel functions have changed little over the years, related technologies, government regulations, tax codes and macroeconomic conditions have experienced tectonic shifts. The team at Revenue by HRM stay abreast of all the latest developments impacting the hospitality industry.

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If you want your golf course hotel to thrive in the coming years you owe it to yourself to contact Revenue by HRM and ask about our proven revenue management solutions.